About our music teachers

Each member of our faculty is carefully selected for the ability to connect with students and to help them achieve their full musical potential. The private lesson team matches every new student with an appropriate teacher.

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Adriano Tecson CSMA Music Teacher

Adriano Tecson

Classes Only
Ai Noguchi CSMA Music Teacher

Ai Noguchi

Distinguished Faculty, Piano
Alan Serrano CSMA Music Teacher

Alan Serrano

Anthony Doheny CSMA Music Teacher

Anthony Doheny

Distinguished Faculty, Viola, Violin
Antoine van Dongen CSMA Music Teacher

Antoine van Dongen

Distinguished Faculty, Violin
Axel Schmitt CSMA Music Teacher

Axel Schmitt

Distinguished Faculty, Piano
Brian Connor CSMA Music Teacher

Brian Connor

Brooke Mickelson CSMA Music Teacher

Brooke Mickelson

Viola, Violin
Carmen Cansino CSMA Music Teacher

Carmen Cansino

Distinguished Faculty, Drums
Chin-Fei Chan CSMA Music Teacher

Chin-Fei Chan

Flute, Piano
Chinh Le CSMA Music Teacher

Chinh Le

Viola, Violin

Chris Ortega


Our teacher is passionate about music and conveys that through her teaching. She is very dedicated to her students. We appreciate her very much.