Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CSMA is dedicated to making the arts and arts education accessible to all, regardless of age, experience, background or financial means.

CSMA staff, faculty and Board of Directors reflect the School’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. All CSMA’s programs are designed to provide equity access to the arts and creative expression. We believe diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging create a stronger society.

CSMA staff board of directors

Our Board of Directors

Sohi Sohn CSMA Music Teacher

Sohi Sohn

James Sandstrom CSMA Music Teacher

James Sandstrom

Finance Committee Chair
Suyun Kim CSMA Music Teacher

Suyun Kim

Sharmila Acharya CSMA Music Teacher

Sharmila Acharya

Vice Chair
Mike Couch CSMA Music Teacher

Mike Couch

Judy Crates CSMA Music Teacher

Judy Crates

John D’Ambrosio CSMA Music Teacher

John D’Ambrosio

Juliette Faraco CSMA Music Teacher

Juliette Faraco

Lloyd A. Holmes CSMA Music Teacher

Lloyd A. Holmes

Bruce Humphrey CSMA Music Teacher

Bruce Humphrey

John J. Miller, Jr. CSMA Music Teacher

John J. Miller, Jr.

Mandy Lau

Lynn Miller CSMA Music Teacher

Lynn Miller

Robert Reay CSMA Music Teacher

Robert Reay

Carolyn Stuart CSMA Music Teacher

Carolyn Stuart

CSMA logo

Suchitra Subrahmanyan

CSMA logo

Lee Tavrow

Jinlin Wang CSMA Music Teacher

Jinlin Wang

Sean Wilkinson CSMA Music Teacher

Sean Wilkinson

Janis Zinn CSMA Music Teacher

Janis Zinn

Our Staff


Vickie Scott Grove

Executive Director

Lauren Fletcher

Chief Financial Officer

Doreen Lee

Director of Human Resources

Drishya Namboodiri

Human Resource Generalist

Julia Parsons


Art School

Meredith Forster

Visual Arts Program Manager

Emma Patrick

Finn Center Art Program Coordinator

Corporate Arts

Kyle Jubenville

Corporate Arts Program Manager

Justine Iwata

Program Coordinator


Chiung-chi Chen

Director of Development

In-school Programs

Kelsey Rieger Olsen

Art4Schools Program Manager

Cullen Blain

Music4Schools Program Manager

Kim Pocek

Art Club and Exhibition Coordinator

Anastasiya Rakova

Music4Schools Program Coordinator

JJ Sutton

Art4Schools Program Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Erin Brownfield

Director of Marketing & Communications

TaLeiza Calloway-Appleton

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jenny Draper

Design & Communications Specialist

Music School

Chaz Fautch

Music School Director

Despina Iskander

Concert Hall Manager

Elizabeth Calderon

Private Lessons & Faculty Events Coordinator

Denise Flatness

Private Lessons and Merit Scholars Coordinator

Judaline Swinkels

Music Classes Coordinator


Tony Fontenot

Facilities Manager

Student Services

Catherine Davila

Student Services Associate

Emma Tecson


Qing Xu

Student Services Associate