The students waited eagerly for the band to take the stage. It was a special Music in Action concert provided by CSMA’s Music4Schools program. They were going to see Mariachi Tierra de Oro perform.

Mariachi Tierra De Oro is the newest addition to a proud line of tradition in Mexican-American Heritage in the greater Santa Clara County area. Tierra de Oro translates to ‘Land of Gold’ and is both a reference to the natural mineral found in California and also the name of the group with which the members studied in university.



Although recently formed, the members of Mariachi Tierra de Oro have been performing together since they were students of San Jose State University’s very own Mariachi Oroazul – which was founded by CSMA’s 5th grade band teacher, Mr. Jose B. Sanchez. 

The Music4Schools Program presents Music In Action educational and engaging concert assemblies for third through fifth grade students at eight Mountain View Whisman School locations. These interactive concert assemblies may feature vocal and instrumental performers, dancers in traditional costume, instrument demonstrations, storytelling, and student participation.  The program organizers look for engaging and culturally relevant musical experiences that appeal to Mountain View’s diverse student body. 



The program presents two school concerts per year. Organizers find that attendance at these programs reminds students of the value of music and learning an instrument through CSMA’s in-school music instruction program, said Diana DeRego, Music4Schools Program Manager.

“We learned that some students had stopped bringing their instruments to school. After attending one of the concerts, they not only began to bring their instruments back but some even requested to learn Mariachi music. It’s helping to re-invigorate the students.” DeRego said.


This performance series serves as a way to encourage students to continue with music instruction. It also complements their study of diverse cultures through music. CSMA music instructors prepare students for each performance during classroom music time preceding the concerts.  With an interdisciplinary approach to learning, students are able to make connections between their studies and the world around them.

Throughout the concert, the band shared the history of Mariachi music, the traditional attire, and how long each member of the band has been playing their instrument. At the end of the concert assembly, students were invited to dance along with the band to the music. A fun sight! 

As a mariachi ensemble, the mission of Tierra de Oro is to honor the musical traditions of Mexican Heritage with community as well as contribute to the genre with original compositions and styling. They cover a wide variety of styles such as: sones jalisciense, huapangos, boleros, rancheras, polcas, valseadas, cumbias, and more. With such a rich history running through their roots and blood, Mariachi Tierra De Oro is excited to sing, play, and educate from their hearts with strong passion.


By TaLeiza Calloway-Appleton


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