Looking for a fun way to spread some love this Valentine’s Day? Create a beautiful suncatcher using only four art supplies! This open-ended project allows artists of all ages to create a unique design for their loved ones or themselves. 


– Contact paper
– Tissue paper in multiple colors
– Construction paper
– Scissors

 Step 1: Draw a border

Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart. 

Step 2: Cut the border

Cut out the heart. If helping a younger child, an adult can do steps 1 and 2.

Step 3: Tear the tissue paper

Cut or tear bits of tissue paper in various colors.

Step 4: Cut the contact paper

Measure contact paper to be approximately ½ inch larger than the heart cutout. Cut two pieces the same size.

Step 5: Prepare cutout

Adhere the paper heart cut-out to the contact paper, ensuring any pencil marks are facing up.

Step 6: Decorate

Place pieces of tissue paper inside the heart cutout.

Step 7: Seal

Carefully place the second piece of contact paper on top of your design to seal your suncatcher. If working with younger children, an adult can do this step.

Step 8: Finishing touches

Trim the contact paper leaving a small border. Place it in a window and admire your work! 



What other shapes and colors can you create a suncatcher with? The project provides a great opportunity to teach these concepts to young children.




Created by Andrea Minobe

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