Pfeifer, Zach

Pfeifer, Zach

Theory/Composition private lessons and classes only

Education and Background

Zach Pfeifer was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and grew up just north in the rolling hills of York County, Pennsylvania. He played viola through grade school and attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where he initially became involved in the school’s jazz studies program under director Dr. Kevin Kjos as a jazz bassist. He studied jazz bass with Erik Unsworth and Scott Lee before his developing interest in orchestral music and composition caused him to switch his focus to writing music under the guidance of Dr. John Metcalf.

After undergraduate studies Zach earned his Masters of Music at Louisiana State University under Dr. Dinos Constantinides. He has also studied with Alejandro Arg├╝ello and in Claremont, California with Thomas Flaherty. During the summer Zach serves as department head and instructor for the music composition program at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan.

Teaching Approach

“I stress a mastery in the fundamentals of music theory, I believe only when one understands the language of music can they make informed choices on how to create art both as performers and as composers. Young composers must learn the rules of music before they can understand the best ways to manipulate them and break them, only then can they create their own unique voice.”

Zach joined the CSMA faculty in 2012. He teaches music theory and composition classes.


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