Le, Thutam

Le, Thutam

Education and Background

Thutam Le studied violin with Vietnamese teachers at the Saigon National Conservatory of Music, from which she graduated in 1976. She received a degree in English from Vietnam University and earned her AA in Accounting from Foothill College.

Thutam played violin in the Orchestra of Saigon National Conservatory of Music. She plays violin and sings in dancing clubs and festivals, and has recorded music for film scores in Saigon City, San Jose, and Washington, D.C.
Thutam joined the CSMA Music Faculty in 1997 as a private violin teacher.

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, Thutam uses the “A Tune a Day” series by C. Paul Herforth, the Suzuki Series, Kayser’s Etudes, “Fundamental of Violin” by F. Haas, Mazas’ Etudes, and scale exercises by Carl Flesch. Thutam has prepared students for membership in the El Camino Yourth Symphony and California Youth Symphony. She also prepares students for the ABRSM exams and Merit Scholarship auditions.

Thutam believes that “listening and playing music can comfort and bring happiness to people. Therefore, I’d like to see a lot of people get involved in music.”


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