Chen, Sabrina

Chen, Sabrina

Education and Background

Sabrina Chen earned her Bachelor of Arts in Performance and Music Education from Taiwan Normal University and her Master of Music from San Francisco Conservatory; she received a scholarship from both institutions. She has studied with Adolph Baller, Nathan Schwartz, Laurette Goldberg, and Timothy Bach.

A member of the CSMA Faculty since 1991, Sabrina’s teaching experience includes private lessons, theory lessons, working as a choral director and choir accompanist, and a trainer for the Certificate of Merit and ABRSM exams. Her special interests are in music theory, dictation, sight-reading, and music history. She has extensive experience in performance psychology, helping students prepare for exams, recitals, and ensemble playing. In addition to CSMA, Sabrina has worked at the Los Altos Adult School and Tsai-Hsing High School. She performs throughout the Bay Area and is an active Music Teachers Association of California member.

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, Sabrina affirms that “learning is fun” and a “solid foundation is essential for a fulfilling education. The balance between challenge and satisfaction is the core value of my studio, propelling the student to grow the inner desire and responsibility to achieve their best potential.”


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