Parry, Ruth

Parry, Ruth

Education and Background

Guitarist/vocalist Ruth Parry graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She then continued private guitar studies with several well-known instructors. Ruth received her teaching certification at Arizona State University.

Ruth has performed for over 20 years in a variety of venues and recording projects. She has worked as a songwriter, composer, and arranger in a variety of musical styles and contexts, including the independent film Jerome by JET Productions, and has performed with Peruvian musical greats David Pinto (bassist and music director for Susana Baca), and former members of Peru Negro, Marina Lavalle and Lalo Izquierdo. Ruth has arranged multiple guitar quartets that have been published digitally. She leads her own trio, Sound Anatomy, and works with many artists in the Bay Area.

Ruth has taught both guitar and bass guitar at the Napa School of Music, Village Music School in Pleasant Hill, String Letter Music School in San Anselmo, and as an independent teacher.

Ruth is co-author of the guitar instruction book, “The Beginner’s Guide to Guitar,” and is a regular contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine, where her contributions include online video lessons.

Ruth joined the CSMA music faculty in 2011. She teaches private guitar lessons and introductory guitar classes.

Teaching Philosophy and Approach

“My goal is to create a safe environment for the student that’s engaging and fun. The learning process is designed to build confidence and stimulate growth, gauged by a student’s individual abilities and interests. As a student grows in confidence, he or she is encouraged to stretch beyond self-imposed boundaries and discover new plateaus of technique and self-expression.”


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