Hyun, Paul

Hyun, Paul

Education and Background

Paul Hyun is a graduate of San Francisco Conservatory Prep and Cleveland Institute of Music. He currently holds a Bachelor Degree and Chamber Coach Certificate. He has studied with Stephen Geber and Jean Michel Fonteneau. Paul has appeared with Gradus Parnassum, San Jose State, Homestead High School, SF Korean Symphony, Palo Alto Philharmonic and Prometheus Symphony. He has attended the National Orchestral Institute, Round Top Music Festival, Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Encore School for Strings, Aria International Summer, California Summer Music, and Angel Fire summer camps. Mr. Hyun has performed for artists such as Mark Kosower, Robert de Maine, Kenneth Olson, Stephen Balderston, David Requiro, Jonathan Koh, Laslo Varga and Geoffrey Solow. Currently Paul is Principal Chair of Winchester Symphony as well as a cello teacher for Green Octave Music School, coach for San Jose Youth Orchestra as well as Gradus ad Parnassum and teaches privately to ages from 5-adult.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe anyone has the ability to learn music regardless of ability or talent. All students can be a great player even if they only learn basic level, just a matter of playing from the heart. The key to success is always believing in oneself and one’s ability. Everyone has a personality that they can share with an audience through their instrument, but to reach that potential one must believe.”


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