Martinez, Nathan

Martinez, Nathan

Education and Background

Nathan is a graduate of the world-renowned San Francisco Conservatory of Music and is currently getting his master’s degree under the tutelage of the world-famous guitarist, David Tanenbaum, at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In 2016, he premiered Javiar Farias’ new piece Nazcan with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s Guitar Ensemble at the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Competition and Festival in Denver, Colorado. He has performed across the United States at such venues as the Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall in San Francisco, the Lange Room at UCSF, the King Concert Hall in Denver, and the historic Skaggs Memorial Chapel in Salt Lake City, Utah, and performs for various wedding, corporate, and social events throughout the Bay Area. In 2015, He was featured in the winter issue of Classical Guitar magazine, where he aided in showcasing the Harris Guitar Foundation’s historical guitar collection. Nathan is also a dedicated teacher who loves teaching the way of the guitar to people of all ages a wide range of interests in order to foster a love and understanding of music in every student and lead them along their individual paths.

Teaching Philosophy

Nathan loves teaching music to people of all ages from children to adults and does everything possible to foster a love and understanding of music in every student that he has. Nathan has understanding of the up-to-date teaching methods that will be sure to give every student a love for music. Overall, Nathan believes that music should be fun and he emphasizes this with every student no matter if they are learning the basics or are farther along wanting to play their favorite Taylor Swift song, rock out to ACDC, or practicing for their conservatory audition. He wants every student to have fun with the guitar and fun with music while also understanding exactly what they’re doing on the instrument so that they can take music into their lives and truly enjoy all that it has to offer them.


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