Iliev, Mihail

Iliev, Mihail

Education and Background

Mihail Iliev started playing bassoon at age 14. He graduated from the State Academy of Music in Bulgaria, with a BA in Music and has studied with Marin Valchanov.

Mihail played in the Bulgaria National Symphony Orchestra as principal bassoon for 22 years and has performed internationally. He was also the second bassoon/contrabassoon with Teatro Lyrico in France. Mihail has been a TA and Professor of Bassoon at the Bulgaria Academy of Music. He is currently principal bassoonist for the Mission Chamber Orchestra and a piano instructor at the Palo Alto Girls Club. Mihail has recently founded a new chamber ensemble, the New Millenium Quartet.

Mihail has worked at CSMA, giving private bassoon and accordion lessons and working in facilities, since 2002.

Teaching Philosophy and Approach

Miahil’s ultimate goal as a teacher is for his students to become better than he.


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