Chiu, Mandy

Chiu, Mandy

Education and Background

Mandy Chiu has a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from Boston University and a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Sydney University Conservatorium of Music.

Mandy has a distinguished and accomplished career as a soloist, chamber music artist, ballet accompanist and teacher. Her performing career has taken her to Taiwan, Sydney, Queensland, Boston and New York. Her passion in music poured over to education and working with students twenty years ago. Mandy is an active member in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, the ABRSM Association and the Music Teacher Association California.

Teaching Philosophy

Mandy carries her signature enthusiasm and energetic gestures as she greets her students into the studio as if it was her very first day teaching, but now with a vast experience and a unique studio style in which students feel understood and inspired. They look forward to going home and improving their playing skills at the end of each session and they can’t wait to come back next week.

Discipline is the key to success in all fields of profession, Mandy believes. The benefits from a simple practicing routine immensely affect a student’s life-long attitude. Music students generally have a more positive outlook on their lives as they continue developing into other fields of professions. They believe in achieving goals and are not afraid of failed attempts. Piano playing is a personal satisfaction and an attitude towards life.

“I believe each student comes to me as a unique gift. The most exciting part about being an educator is that I am part of a beautiful process; I see a student flourish into one true talent as he receives appropriate tools and aid. I provide a trusting and supportive environment for them to develop into their true self and find their own voice as a pianist. I am intuitive and sensitive in what they need technically and emotionally.

“I encourage students to participate in annual examination and celebrate their learning progress nationwide. Every year a student prepares a concert standard repertoire and polishes his playing so that he performs the program comfortably in front of an audience. The sense of achievement upon completion is exhilarating and intoxicating.”


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