Russell, Juliana

Russell, Juliana

Theory/Composition private lessons and classes only

Education and Background

Juliana Russell earned her B.A. in Music Composition from the College of Creative Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. Growing up in the Bay Area, Juliana took piano lessons from ages 6 to 9, then became mostly self-taught, with the guidance and support of her older brother (the other musician in the family). She began composing at the age of 12, then in high school started taking jazz piano lessons with Rich Kuhns at CSMA. Juliana volunteered at CSMA for a couple of summers during college, and returned in 2015 to be part of the staff, teaching weekend and evening music theory classes at Finn Center and in various elementary schools during the week with CSMA’s Music4Schools program.

Teaching Philosophy

“Music can be created and appreciated by people of all walks of life, any age, any race, any ability level. It’s never too early or too late to expose someone to the joys that music can bring. And if a student has a personal investment into what they’re learning as well—if the theory concepts they learn can be applied directly to music they listen to or make, then the appreciation deepens.”


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