Steinberg, Daniel

Steinberg, Daniel

Education and Background

An alumnus of Harvard University, Mr. Steinberg sings and plays flute and piano. He has studied voice with Terence Kelly and flute with William Watson.

Mr. Steinberg is on the faculty of the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and is the founder of Hillbillies from Mars and Tierra Vieja. He was the program director of “Sierra Swing” for eight years and co-host of What’s for Dinner?, a radio talk show concerned with food and cooking. Mr. Steinberg has taught choral arrangements at dance and music festivals, teaches private flute and piano lessons, and teaches at dance and choir workshops at music and dance festivals across the country, all in addition to performing at them.

Daniel, founder and director of World Harmony Chorus, has been a member of the CSMA Music Faculty since 1999.

Making music accessible to everyone is Mr. Steinberg’s personal commitment. He believes that “anyone can participate in music, regardless of age, experience, or natural ability.” He sees music-making “as an essential element of community-building” and asserts that “an awareness of the traditional music of other cultures helps to bring about a better understanding of the world and, ultimately, promotes world peace.”

Special interests of Mr. Steinberg include digital audio software, Venezuelan music, Zimbabwe, French music and dance, cooking, and gardening.


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