Gantivar, Claudia

Gantivar, Claudia

Education and Background

Claudia holds a Master of Arts in Recorder Performance from the Conservatory of Music in Geneva, Switzerland (2004). She also earned a diploma in Early Music from the same conservatory in 1998, and in Music education and Piano by the University in Bogotá (Colombia, 1992). She has performed and taught in Europe, US and South America. She has recorded with the Ensemble Elyma (Switzerland-1997), Musica Ficta (Colombia-2007), and the group that she founded in 2006, Esfera Armoniosa (Colombia, 2009, and 2015). In California, she has been a guest conductor at several Recorder Workshops, has served as a member of the faculty of the SFEMS, and has played as a soloist in the different Baroque music Festivals in US, and South America. She has cooperated with ensembles like the California Bach Society, the American Bach Soloists, and the Farallon Recorder Quartet. As a teacher, she has more than 25 years of experience teaching in all levels. Claudia has been teaching at CSMA since 2012; she trains recorder teachers in CSMA’s Music4Schools program. She actively prepares her students in Recorder, Piano and Theory for the ABRSM test.

Teaching Philosophy

I like to awake in my students love and passion for music. To me, learning music is like gaining a lifelong friend who allows us to communicate with the world. Music is also an excellent tool to develop discipline, confidence, perseverance,  and to express one’s feelings in a very positive way. I emphasize these aspects in my teaching approach. I also like to emphasize how hard work is a key element to achieving good technique, which is fundamental in expanding  the student’s musical possibilities with their instrument.  In advanced students, I emphasize musicality and theory knowledge to help them understand the different styles and apply that knowledge to brighten their performances.


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