Campbell, Carrie

Campbell, Carrie

Education and Background

Carrie Campbell received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Georgia and earned her Master of Music from Yale University.

Carrie Campbell grew up in Clemson, SC as part of a musical family. With two music professors as parents it’s no surprise that she started playing the piano at age 5 and the horn at age 11. After graduate school Carrie moved to San Francisco and immediately began freelancing with area orchestras and teaching throughout the Bay Area. Carrie has played with several award winning chamber ensembles including Elektra Winds and QUADRE-The Voice of Four Horns as well as keeping busy freelancing throughout the Bay Area. She is currently the Music Theory/ABRSM Coordinator at CSMA and teaches privately at her home.


Carrie Campbell is the Director of CSMA’s Music School.


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