Gessner, Allison

Gessner, Allison


A recent transplant from Chicago, Alli Gessner is a freelance oboe and English horn player and teacher living in the South Bay. She studied at Albion College (BA: ‘08) and DePaul University (MM: ‘10). Alli is a versatile classical musician, at home in symphonic, chamber, and non-traditional performance settings. She held the Second Oboe and English Horn chair with the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra from 2012 - 2017. Since her move, she’s performed with a number of Bay Area orchestras, including the Stockton Symphony, Berkeley Symphony, and One Found Sound ensemble. Her flute and oboe duo Floboe Productions Studio is currently performing and developing their “Concerto for Frenemies” show in the Midwest and hopes to bring it to the Bay Area soon.

Alli has been teaching private lessons to individuals and small groups since 2007. Her struggles with tendonitis inform her teaching, so all her lessons include a period of breathing, posture, and warm-ups to help students use their bodies wisely. Alli is comfortable teaching students of any age and ability, and has helped students in the Chicago area get into selective enrollment high schools, earn collegiate non-major music scholarships, and place well in District Honor Band and Orchestras.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe that anyone can learn to play the oboe, and that the oboe doesn’t have to be hard to play. It’s my goal to help my students play with comfort, ease, and joy. While every lesson begins with a similar warm up and emphasis on basic tone production and technique, each lesson is catered towards the individual student. We use curiosity and active listening as tools to build the student’s self-discipline, confidence, and problem-solving skills. I am inspired by my students every day, and I hope to inspire them in return.”


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