Intermediate & Advanced

CSMA offers intermediate and advanced music classes for students of all ages.

Intermediate & Advanced Opportunities

Intermediate and Advanced students (both youths and adults) are encouraged to enroll in CSMA’s Core Curriculum classes to supplement private music lessons. These classes develop a student’s musical intelligence by teaching the reading, writing and listening skills necessary to reinforce and build on what students learn in their private lessons.

Music Theory

Music theory helps students develop the skills to understand the language of music. Understanding music theory, and the language of music, makes better musicians. CSMA offers a variety of Music Theory classes for intermediate and advanced students.

Music Composition

Music composition develops a student’s ability to use musical language skills learned in theory classes and apply them to their own compositions - learning to communicate musically as a composer. CSMA’s Composition classes are a great option for intermediate and advanced students.

  • Composition classes are open to students who have completed Theory 6A or Adult Theory III.
  • Composition classes are taught by professional composers and expose students to various music styles.
  • Students complete original works, which may be performed throughout the year.


  • Students can supplement their private music lessons by playing and performing with other musicians in a CSMA ensemble.
  • Being in an ensemble, which provides intensive coaching from the instructor, is a great way to supplement community and/or school orchestra/band experiences.

For the current class schedule, visit our online registration site or browse our catalog.