Playing and performing with other musicians is an important part of a complete music education.

Why Join an Ensemble

Students who take part in an ensemble experience many benefits, including:

  • Learning important collaboration skills, such as listening, playing in tune with others, and learning to maintain their own rhythmic independence against other parts
  • Taking part in fun and supportive group rehearsal and performance opportunities
  • Participating in a forum to exchange ideas and learn from other students

Playing in an ensemble helps students learn the skills to be a team player, and a better musician overall!

What We Offer

CSMA offers ensemble opportunities for youth and adults. Opportunities include:

Performance Opportunities

Ensemble classes often perform end-of-the-semester recitals. While specific performance opportunities will differ by class and instructor, most students in an ensemble will have an opportunity to perform.


  • CSMA Private lesson students can receive a 50% discount on one Ensemble (or other Core Curriculum) class each semester (except summer).
  • For more information, contact CSMA’s Music Classes Program Coordinator, at 650-917-6800, ext 312, or email musicclasses@arts4all.org.

For the current class schedule, visit our online registration site or browse our catalog.