Ready to start your music journey? CSMA offers introductory music classes for beginners of all ages!


CSMA’s Little Musicians program for preschoolers (ages 18 months - 5 years) focuses on sequential learning in music,with classes that continually build on concepts, skills and techniques. Most classes are parent-participation, providing a fun music experience that parent and child can experience together.

Elementary & Middle Schoolers

Getting Started classes are a great way for young children to begin their music education. These classes teach basic musical concepts through games, exploration, singing and notation. By learning fundamentals, students prepare to begin instrument study through an introductory music class or private music lessons.

  • Do Re Mi (Gr K-1)
  • Fa Sol La (Gr K-2)

Intro classes introduce young students to instruments and basic music concepts in a group setting. They are a wonderful way to try out an instrument before making the commitment to private music lessons.

  • Intro to Suzuki Violin (ages 4-5)
  • Intro to Drum Set (Gr 1-2)
  • Intro to Violin/Strings (Gr 1-2)
  • Jr. Intro to Keyboard (Gr 1-2)
  • Intro to Keyboard (Gr 3-5)
  • Intro to Singing (Gr 3-5)
  • Intro to Guitar (Gr 4-8)
  • Intro to Jazz Performance (Gr 4 & up)

Teens & Adults

Teens and adults are welcome to begin their musical journey at CSMA! Intro classes for teens and adults include:

  • Intro to Guitar
  • Intro to Keyboard
  • Intro to Voice

Music Theory for Beginners

Music theory helps students develop the skills to understand the language of music. Understanding music theory, and the language of music, makes better musicians. CSMA offers a variety of Music Theory classes for beginning students.

  • Intro to Music Theory (Gr 1-2): This is a beginning music theory class for young students just starting lessons and not yet proficient at reading music.
  • Theory 1 (Gr 3-4): In this class, students learn basic ntoe reading and rhythm skills, along with basic ear training and sight singing. This class is for beginners in grades 3-4, or students who have completed Intro to Music Theory.
  • Theory 1-3 Combo (Gr 5-8): This combination class is designed for older beginners, ages 10-13. Students work at a faster pace to complete the material for Theory 1-3 in one semester.
  • Music Theory for Adults 1: This is an introductory course for adults interested in learning the basic of music notation. Concepts include note reading, basic rhythms, scales, intervals and ear training.

For the current class schedule, visit our online registration site or browse our catalog.