Corporate Arts Programs

CSMA offers turn-key on-site music and visual arts programs for companies in the Silicon Valley area seeking to provide leading-edge employee benefits to help support work-life balance and to foster creativity at work.

CSMA’s innovative Corporate Arts Program brings quality music lessons and art classes directly to employees during the work day, giving them the opportunity to recharge, refocus and re-energize through a creative experience. The program is customized to meet corporate objectives, employee interests and the workplace setting.

Music lessons and classes are taught by CSMA’s internationally-acclaimed faculty of professional music instructors, who represent leading music schools from around the world and who have extensive teaching and performance experience. Art classes are taught by CSMA’s faculty of accomplished, professional teaching artists.

The program is offered at no cost to the company as employees are billed directly. CSMA provides all scheduling, registration and administrative support. Classes are typically offered on a quarterly basis in eight week sessions.

Music options include:

  • Private music lessons (on a variety of instruments)
  • Small group classes
  • Voice/singing lessons
  • Music theory and composition classes
  • Opportunities for employee recitals and performances.

Art options include:

  • Small group classes
  • Lunchtime one hour sessions focused on projects
  • Longer afternoon classes in single media, e.g. drawing, painting, book-making
  • Opportunities for employee art exhibitions.

“In keeping with CSMA’s commitment to Arts4All, we are proud to offer this service to companies in our area. Arts education is a lifelong endeavor and can enrich people’s lives by improving their mood, stimulating creative thought, or simply bringing joy to an otherwise stressful day. Our corporate partnerships allow us to not only broaden our reach within our community, but income gained from these partnerships helps to support our full range of programs, including everything from equipment to need-based financial aid.” 
-Carrie Campbell, CSMA Music School Director

Comments from current corporate students:

“I was feeling very stressed at work. It was awesome to have this lesson today. I really enjoyed it and it was just what I needed. Afterward I literally bounced up the stairs back to my office, two at a time in excitement.”
-Corporate Private Music Lesson Student

“Googlers have discovered their own unique individuality through the expression of painting.”
-Ernest Regua, Corporate Arts Painting Instructor

“We strive to provide a happy workplace for our employees. Creativity is central to what we do here. What better way to inspire creativity than to offer private music classes for our employees to take time away from their desks to relax and use their brain in a totally different way! Our employees are thrilled to have this program for their work/life balance and continued personal development.”
-Company Representative, Corporate Arts Partner