Core Curriculum

CSMA’s Core Curriculum classes offer training in musicianship, composition, music theory and ensemble performance. One Core Curriculum class per semester is available at a 50% discount to CSMA private music lesson students. All Core Curriculum classes are open to other enrollees at full tuition prices.

Fall 2017 Core Curriculum Classes

Click here to view or download the PDF version. Please see the online catalog for descriptions and details of all classes.

  • Music Fundamentals
  • Intro to Music Theory for Children (Gr 2)
  • Intro to Music Theory for Youth (Gr 5-8)
  • Theory 1
  • Theory 2
  • Theory 3
  • Theory 4
  • Theory 5
  • Theory 6A
  • Theory 7A
  • Theory 8A
  • Basic Harmony A
  • Basic Harmony B
  • Intermediate Harmony A
  • Intermediate Harmony B
  • Advanced Harmony
  • Musicianship I
  • Musicianship II
  • Music History and Repertoire: Romantic to Modern
  • Music Theory for Adults I (Session A)
  • Music Theory for Adults II (Session B)
  • Music Theory for Adults III (Session A)
  • Music Theory for Adults IV (Session B)
  • Beginning Composition (Teen-Adult)
  • Composer’s Studio
  • Jazz Theory 1
  • CSMA Children’s Choir
  • Intro to Jazz Performance
  • Brass Ensemble - Int and Adv
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • Adult Brass Ensemble