Music In Action Concerts

CSMA's Music in Action program, for students in Grades 3-5, brings three educational and engaging concerts to schools during the school year to promote cultural diversity, musical history and geography. Local, professional performing artists come to schools for an hour-long, 'real concert' experience. Concerts take place on campus, in each school’s own multi-use room.

About Music in Action

The Music in Action performance series complements the students’ study of diverse cultures. Music teachers prepare students by introducing them to music and culture through active listening, imagery, songs, games and worksheets. Students learn to appreciate diversity as well embrace their own cultural heritage.

The Music in Action program provides a cost-effective way to expose students to diverse cultures and music.

Past units have featured music from Asia, Africa, India/Middle East and Latin America, as well as jazz.

Part of a well-rounded music education is experiencing and appreciating live musical performances. CSMA’s Music in Action concerts are a true highlight for the students!

Music in Action Curriculum Goals

  1. Develops foundational skills for music literacy, making music, and listening intelligently to music through sequential, creative lessons appropriate for the child’s development
  2. Reinforces musical vocabulary, including solfege, note-reading, stylistic terminology, and instrument names, through grade-level appropriate songs & activities.
  3. Teaches concert etiquette through focused listening and attending live performances by local performing artists.
  4. Increases cultural literacy, including tolerance & respect for other cultures from the past and from other geographical locations. Students will hear the music of another culture through the ears of that culture, and develop an understanding of the diversity that enhances the cultures of America and California.
  5. Enhances historical & geographical literacy by studying world cultures,  developing a sense of the past, and fostering an understanding that cultures change through time.
  6. Creates connections between music and other aspects of culture, including art, literature, story-telling, dance, and architecture. Students will also discover connections between the music of cultures separated by time and/or geography.

Music in Action helps students make connections to the world and it helps them to become familiar with and understand that the world is a place of varied people, culture, instruments, and music. Not every place is like Mountain View, CA.
–3rd Grade Classroom Teacher, Mountain View Whisman School District

Music in Action Artists

Past Music in Action artists include:

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