Music4Schools Curriculum

CSMA’s Music4Schools in-school music program provides weekly music lessons to students in Grades K-8. The program consists of in-depth, skill-building, hands-on, sequential music lessons that meet the California State Content Standards for Music that are appropriate for each grade level. Taught by professional CSMA music instructors, music lessons coordinate with each classroom’s curriculum to become an integral part of the school day.

Curriculum Overview

CSMA’s Music4Schools program gives students a musical foundation that will last a lifetime. Through the program, students learn musical techniques, as well as music appreciation. They also develop the joy of making music with others and experience the thrill of live performance.

CSMA uses the Kodaly method as a basis to develop all aspects of musicality, including:

  • In-tune singing
  • Understanding & performing elements of melody, rhythm, harmony and form
  • Creating melodies, rhythms, and movements
  • Playing simple instruments
  • Learning folk dances
  • Playing singing games
  • Listening to and singing music from many cultures
  • Use of curriculum tie-ins when appropriate

Schools can choose from a variety of grade-appropriate programs:

  • General Music (K-5th Grade) develops all aspects of musicality:
    • In-tune singing
    • Creative movement
    • Notating, reading, and composing
    • Understanding and performing elements of melody, rhythm and form
    • Playing classroom instruments
    • Focused listening to works by famous composers
  • Music in Action Concerts (3rd-5th Grade) introduce local professional performers to students in the school’s own multi-use room. Performances promote cultural diversity, musical history and geography.
  • Recorder Music (4th-5th Grade) teaches students to play in an ensemble, read music and prepares them for band or strings programs.
  • Instrumental Music (5th Grade) teaches students to play an instrument, read music and participate in an ensemble.
  • Chorus (2nd-5th Grade) teaches proper vocal production, posture, breathing, and articulation as students make music together and explore different music styles.
  • *Instrumental Music includes Recorder. CSMA can provide Band/Strings programming at a District level (i.e. 4+ schools).

Music4Schools Curriculum Objectives and Goals

  • Students feel the joy of making music together with their teacher and peers
  • Develops foundational skills for making music and listening intelligently to music through sequential, creative lessons appropriate for the child’s development
  • Introduces musical vocabulary through songs & activities that are grade-level appropriate
  • Teaches solfege, note-reading, and notation based on songs used during class time
  • Students appreciate music from diverse cultures and embrace students’ own cultural heritage through singing and focused listening
  • Fosters associative learning by engaging in scholastic subjects such as mathematics (patterns, rhythm), history & culture (context), and linguistics (lyrics)
  • Incorporates kinesthetic learning by using movement to express music and increase coordination
  • Encourages collaboration by working & performing successfully as a group, cooperating, and listening to others

Download: Music4Schools Curriculum Objectives
Download: Music4Schools Summary of Key Concepts


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