CSMA’s award-winning, in-school music program, Music4Schools, provides quality music education to students in Grades K-8. Students receive weekly music classes as part of their regular school day. For over 30 years, CSMA has brought music and art programs to tens of thousands of students in public and private schools in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. CSMA’s goal is to ensure that all children in the community have access to an arts education.

Why Study the Arts in School?

The arts are a critical part of a well-rounded education. For some students, exposure in school may be the only access they have to the arts. Studying music regularly during the school day benefits students by building and strengthening:

  • Achievement in academic subjects
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Social and communication skills
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Cultural awareness

About Music4Schools

The program consists of in-depth, skill-building, hands-on, sequential music lessons that meet the California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards for Music. Classes and content is appropriate for each grade level. Taught by professional CSMA music instructors, these music classes coordinate with each classroom’s curriculum to become an integral part of the school day.

Music4Schools emphasizes five major areas:

  • Singing
  • Creative movement
  • Instruments
  • Music appreciation
  • Cultural understanding of music and its origins

Program Inclusions

CSMA’s Music4Schools program includes:

  • Sequential, skill-building, grade-level appropriate music curriculum taught by professional music instructors
  • Full program administration including hiring, training and mentoring teachers
  • Partnerships with schools on teacher scheduling and evaluation
  • Teacher and student materials and supplies
  • School concerts
  • Special musical performance opportunities, including the Music in Action concert series

Program Fees

Music4Schools programs are offered on a contractual basis. Fees are based upon the duration of the program and the number and length of classes. CSMA’s in-school programs are made possible through the collaboration of school districts, individual schools, parent organizations, and community and government resources. Programs may also receive support from CSMA donors and sponsors depending on need and circumstances.

Contact CSMA to discuss specific costs and fees for your school(s).

Download the Music4Schools brochure.

My son is a student at Bubb Elementary School and was part of the 5th grade end-of-the-year concert at CSMA. What a wonderful experience for the students and the parents! It’s amazing to think that only a few months ago our students were picking up their instruments for the first time because on the night of the concert, the students presented an accomplished program showcasing the range of skills they have learned during their time at Bubb School. Thank you for providing such dedicated and talented teachers for our students. We value and appreciate all that our students have learned through CSMA’s Music4Schools program and wish you and the program continued success!
-Parent, Mountain View Whisman School District

I feel we are very fortunate here in Mountain View to have CSMA and the Music4Schools Program. I believe it is really making a difference in the lives of our students. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and presentations (Music in Action) too!
-3rd Grade Classroom Teacher, Mountain View Whisman School District

I can say without any hesitation that music is a critical part of the 5th grade experience for various reasons. For about half of our students, 5th grade music is the only opportunity they will have to learn how to read music, play an instrument, and perform in a recital. This experience has opened the door for many to continue playing music in middle school and beyond. I cannot imagine 5th grade without music, it is part of our weekly experience… just as important math, history, reading, writing, science, etc. The music program helps build confidence, responsibility, and is a great part of our curriculum. The music teachers are knowledgeable, passionate, and they have consistently inspired many students to continue to play their instruments.
-5th Grade Classroom Teacher, Mountain View Whisman School District