Fortune, Victoria

Fortune, Victoria


Victoria has always loved both art and natural science. Her background is in an amalgamation of natural history, scientific illustration, graphic design, art and education. As a result, her lessons often integrate what she’s learned of the natural world and ecology with what she’s learned of color, line and composition.

Becoming an art teacher was something that Victoria has wanted to do since she was in first grade. Her love for art goes back to her childhood, growing up in a graphic design studio. She was regularly handed paper and art supplies to create alongside her parents in their workplace and home.

Teaching Philosophy

Victoria believes that art exploration is an outlet for all ages but is also enrichment that can lead to a wealth of positive traits like problem solving and creative thinking.

“I love working with children and I am constantly revitalized by what my students produce. Children’s art is uninhibited, zany, enormously creative, funny, beautiful, and breathtaking. They inspire me, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to help them find creativity in themselves.”