Ramirez, Lisa

Ramirez, Lisa


Lisa holds a Master of Fine Arts from San Jose State University. She has also participated in Learning Through Education and the Arts Program (LEAP) and the Metropolitan Opera’s Creating Original Opera.


Lisa is a visual artist and has worked as an artist in residence in Santa Clara County developing integrated arts experiences for elementary schools.  Her focus is in painting, with competencies in a variety of techniques and artistic forms including sculpture, printmaking, and clay. In addition to her MFA, Lisa has participated in two teacher training programs: Learning Through Education and the Arts Program (LEAP), focusing on integrating the arts with classroom curriculum; and The Metropolitan Opera’s Teacher Training program, Creating Original Opera, resulting in her collaboration with classroom, and music teachers to guide third grade students into writing, directing and producing an original opera.

Teaching Philosophy

“I love working with all ages, offering individualized support and positive encouragement to ensure that each student has a sense of both personal and artistic accomplishment.”