Morgan, Heather

Morgan, Heather

Education and Background

Heather holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from Otis College of Art & Design and a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy/Art Therapy Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University.

Heather feels fortunate enough to have been a student of CSMA’s art and music programs as a child growing up in the community, and believes the classes she had in elementary school inspired her to pursue a career in the arts. 

Heather has been active in the arts community since high school, first as a volunteer for CSMA and later as a teacher in the in-school programs. She has taught for the San Jose Museum of Art, Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz and the Palo Alto Art Center. 

In addition to teaching, she is a mental health intern and trauma counselor working with adults, adolescents and children in San Mateo County.

Teaching Philosophy

“My favorite part of the teaching day is presenting a concept or a project to a class, and seeing where their imagination takes them in the process. I look at art as a form of communication, and am always amazed at what students reveal in their drawings and paintings.”