Want to learn to create with clay? CSMA provides a variety of opportunities for adults to learn ceramics!


Ceramics Classes

Students of all experience levels are welcome in CSMA’s adult ceramics classes. Students work in both handbuilding and on the wheel, learning a variety of ceramics techniques, including:

  • Wheelthrowing techniques (to make utilitarian objects including bowls, cups and containers)
  • Handbuilding, including slab, coil and pinch techniques (to make utilitarian objects or sculptural art works)
  • Centering techniques
  • Textures
  • Sculpture (making portrait busts, animals or abstract objects)
  • Glazing techniques (using glazes to create desired finishes on ceramic works)

Current CSMA Ceramics students can work independently in an environment with other dedicated artists in the weekly Ceramics Open Studio. An instructor is available to offer guidance, if needed. The Ceramics Open Studio is Sundays from 12:30-4pm. The drop-in fee is $20/session; no pre-registration required.

What We Offer

For a full list of our current ceramics classes, visit our online registration site or browse our catalog.