Special Needs Programs

As part of the commitment to Arts4All, CSMA serves the special needs community by providing classes in music, visual arts and dance.

What We Offer

The Artistic Intelligence program is held in partnership with the Morgan Autism Center. Students on the spectrum for autism participate in weekly classes in music, dance, and/or art.

CSMA partners with Abilities United to bring music, art and dance to developmentally disabled adults.

Taught by CSMA’s professional faculty, the students in these programs participate in weekly classes that are designed to provide hands-on arts experiences in a supportive, encouraging environment. As part of each class, the students are celebrated through art exhibitions, musical performances and dance performances. These opportunities help give them a sense of belonging and a welcomed place in CSMA’s community of artists and musicians.

Through these programs and partnerships, CSMA serves over 100 special needs students of all ages each year.

Student Profile: Wanda Wolfe, Artistic Intelligence student

Wanda Wolfe, a lifelong artist, has studied visual arts at CSMA for eight years. As a student at the Morgan Autism Center, she is part of CSMA’s Artistic Intelligence program. Wanda works with all forms of art - drawing, painting, sculpture, yarn and fabric. She also enjoys photography and videos.

In her own words:

CSMA art class makes me feel very happy, calm and relaxed when I am there. I really enjoy doing different kinds of art, seeing other student’s artwork, and sharing mine with the class when I am done. I enjoy being with the staff, the other students and our art teacher, Lisette. We enjoy talking to each other. She is so nice, caring, patient and helpful.

One of my favorite things in class was painting a picture of trees on canvas, with the bushes, sky, water and snow. Lisette painted the picture in front of the class, doing each step at a time, and we followed her. For example, she painted the yellow sunset, and we did the same. All of them looked a little different because we are all different!