Preschool Art

CSMA’s Little Artists program for preschoolers focuses on sequential learning in visual arts, with classes that continually build on concepts, skills and techniques. Most classes are parent-participation, providing a fun art experience that parent and child can experience together.

About Little Artists

In Little Artists classes, preschoolers will:

  • Experiment and learn in a fun, hands-on, creative environment
  • Discover new art mediums, masterpieces and more
  • Learn from a faculty of experienced, early childhood educators
  • Nurture their natural, inner creativity
  • Develop a lifelong love of learning!

What We Offer

Little Artists classes are offered at three levels, based on age.

For the current schedule of Little Artists classes, visit our online registration site or browse our catalog.

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At the end of each session, students can repeat the level, with a new curriculum, or move on to the next level, depending on readiness and age.

Preschool Art Classes Information

  • Parent/caregiver attendance is required for most classes.
  • Class Size: Maximum of 12 students per class (unless otherwise noted).
  • Materials: All materials provided for preschool art classes.
  • Dress: Please wear clothes appropriate for getting messy and making art.