Leija-Sysak, Viviana

Leija-Sysak, Viviana


Viviana graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA). She has worked as an Art Instructor for more than 10 years and has taught a wide range of groups from preschool children to adults. Her personal artistic work has been shown in many venues, mainly in Mexico and USA. She has also worked in the TV industry directing, producing, editing and animating shows and spots for several TV stations and production companies.

Teaching Philosophy

“My teaching philosophy is to let the student experiment and become connected with their first creative approach. I always encourage them to explore the materials used or change perspectives to have different results. I also remind them that every art work is unique, but the process of being involved is what makes students grow artistically and open their minds to creativity.”


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