McNutt, Sarah

McNutt, Sarah

Education and Background

Sarah McNutt holds a Masters in Fine Art in Ceramics from Kansas State University and a Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Design from Buffalo State College.

Sarah has worked actively as an artist since 2009 and has been an educator in a range of capacities since 2012,  teaching undergraduate classes, workshops, and in local school districts. She exhibits nationally, writes grant proposals, and authors for publications such as Ceramics Monthly.

Teaching Philosophy

“Teaching is important to me because it is a manifestation of the knowledge and experiences in which I place great value. My passion for education originates from what I find meaningful in my own life and art practice. Successful teaching instills the passion for learning and discovery in students. I prepare students to continue education process themselves and become their own motivators and instructors. My goal is to inspire students to assume responsibility for their own learning through reflection, and see for themselves the way in which their daily lives are intertwined with the art world.”


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