Schick, Robert

Schick, Robert

Education and Background

Rolber holds Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from San Jose State University. He has studied at San Francisco Art Institute and Foothill College.

Since 2003, Robert has taught CSMA adult painting and drawing classes including: portrait painting, figure drawing, sketching for travelers, drawing & color, studio painting, plein air painting and drawing. He previously taught art classes with the Triton Museum Artreach Program, the San Jose and Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Departments and CSMA’s Art4Schools program. Robert has taught art classes privately since 2004. Originally trained as a figurative artist, Robert has been rendering historic Bay Area agricultural landmarks since 1997.

Teaching Philosophy

“As an artist, I visually celebrate the invisible spirits of people and places. As a teacher I nurture the unique inner spirit of each student while providing them a proven process to successfully design and and render illusionistic paintings and drawings.”


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