Reiss, Martina

Reiss, Martina

Education and Background

Martina is a Certified Art Therapist, Professional College for Art Therapy in Nuertingen, Germany. She holds a Master of Arts in Education from Ludwig ­Maximillians University in Munich, with a concentration in Art and Psychology. She earned her Education Specialist ED/SDC Professional teaching credential in Art from San Jose State University.

Martina is a multi­media artist, who loves to paint, draw or use any available material to transform it into an art piece, although process is more important than product to her. She has worked as an art therapist and teacher for over 20 years in Germany, Switzerland, Texas, New York and in California. Her expertise lies in working individually or in groups with behaviorally and emotionally challenged children, adolescents and adults. Anxiety management as well as support for youth on the autistic spectrum through art is her passion.

Martina joined CSMA in 2014.

Teaching Philosophy

Martina is able to meet her students at the place where they currently are, without judging, and guide them gently from there. She likes to explore idealistic concepts and their implementation between art education and art therapy. Involving the whole person in art, her philosophy is aligned with the artist Joseph Beuys: “Everybody is an artist,” ­ whether in expressing themselves through art or identifying themselves with other artworks. There is really no limit in creative expression!


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