Reese, Lejoi

Reese, Lejoi

Education and Background

Lejoi attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts. She was a Design Director for a fashion and home furnishing company making, producing, selling, and designing custom fabric. Although it was extremely rewarding work Lejoi craved more self-expression with her own artistic style. She is a designer and founder of Brave Chick. Her personally-crafted, hand-made jewelry embodies a pivotal movement against domestic violence. Lejoi’s one-of-a-kind jewelry is created with semi-precious stones containing powerful healing energies that help women achieve a positive sense of courage and fearlessness.

Lejoi currently runs Brave Chick, ReeseGeek (a digital design company - graphics, social media management, photography, textile design, etc.) and teaches painting, sculpture and jewelry making at CSMA.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe most people have not been encouraged and taught how to cultivate their creativity in our society. This begins at a young age. Children are encouraged to paint, craft and express via visual means – but as they proceed in their education more importance is put on traditional academics. Therefore, artistic expression and articulation becomes stunted at an elementary level. My goal is to instill in children (and adults) the value of art education to becoming a well-rounded, fulfilled human being. My desire is for people to realize everyone has a beautiful creative voice within them that just requires cultivation to experience and share with the world.”


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