Joynes, Kathleen

Joynes, Kathleen

Education and Background

Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Cal Poly, SLO and a Fashion Design Professional Degree from FIDM, San Francisco. She has taken various courses from UC Berkeley, Foothill and West Valley Colleges.

Kathleen worked for 20 years as an award-winning graphic designer, followed by 20 years as a technical fashion and textile print designer. Her clients include Apple, Starbucks, Adobe, Pottery Barn, Gap, Old Navy, Levis, and Gymboree. 

Teaching Philosophy

“Learning should be fun and rewarding. Students need to feel they are making good use of their time by learning about things that interest them and creating real items they can be proud of. I help them do this by sharing what I have learned, how I learned it, and how it applies to the projects at hand. I also keep students updated on current art and fashion trends and news, asking them to share as well. I try to teach with a light touch and a sense of humor.”


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