Maliksi, Jordan

Maliksi, Jordan


Jordan Maliksi is a painter/drawer and educator from Fresno, CA. He received both his Bachelor’s Degree and first Master’s degree in Studio Art from California State University Fresno in 2011. He went on to obtain his Master in Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University in 2014. Jordan has had the opportunity to share his passion for art with students ranging from the ages of 5 to adults as he taught various summer camp programs in the Bay Area, at the college level at San Jose State and at the middle school and high school levels in China.

Teaching Philosophy

“Art is a great way to connect with someone no matter what walk of life they’re from. The visual experience a piece of art provides needs no translation. They need only an open heart and mind. I believe that every art project is a challenge or problem that a student has to figure out with their own critical thinking skills as well as their artistic prowess. People often tell me they can’t even draw a straight line. I like to tell them, that may be so, but if you were in my class, I’d help you make a line that you were proud of.”


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