Rae, Deanna

Rae, Deanna

Education and Background

Deanna studied mold making with Debbie Engle and basic structure with Betty Davenport, both highly successful bronze artists. In 2009 Deanna was commissioned to be the (IALHA) International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association National Awards Artist, which she continues to sculpt for to this day. Since then she has appeared in numerous equine and arts festivals across the state as well as multiple publications.

Teaching Philosophy

“Sculptural work is metaphoric. It wraps science, emotion and technique into a tangible image that speaks with a loud voice to its viewer. To achieve such a strong form of expression one must be open to experimentation, failure and change. Its a journey of self discovery. Just as a child grows to adulthood so too must we grow from a point of unknowing.”



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