Xu, Luyi

Xu, Luyi

Education and Background

Luyi Xu received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Yale University School of Art. Xu’s talent was recognized long before she was admitted to the Yale School of Art. By the time Xu was a teenager, she had already mastered advanced painting techniques and grasped other various materials and skills. She deeply comprehends different styles of art in history and in contemporary times. Her academic career focused on exploring topics of phenomenology, ideological impact, and identity issues. Her artwork has been broadly exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

Teaching Philosophy

Education is about sharing, cultivating, and guiding. It is a profession for sharing diverse experiences and guiding to the younger generation. As an art instructor, I want to parallel the importance of creation with skills and techniques in the learning process. Art skills can be taught in a classroom setting, but not creation, even though creativity can be inspired. We can apply problem-solving into the process of creation and build better learning skills with observation and critical thinking.


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