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Workshop Week: Music & Theater!

Posted October 19th, 2017  |  By A4A.admin

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Each Fall and Spring semester CSMA offers a unique Workshop Week to all of our private lesson students. It’s a week during the semester where instead of regular lessons or classes, students can attend a variety of workshops to try out new things, learn a new skill, or work on a specific aspect of their playing (bowing, posture, rhythm, etc.).

This year, we have added a theme to each of the Workshop Weeks. For the Fall semester, in addition to our regular slate of workshops, various faculty will present workshops related to Music and Theater. The idea is to expose students to what it’s like performing with opera, ballet or musical theater.

Selected workshops will include:

Doubling for Woodwinds - In musical theater, often woodwind players have to be able to play multiple instruments.

Playing in a Pit Orchestra - This is very different than a regular orchestra because you have to coordinate with singers and the movement on stage. Students will learn what a “vamp” is for, how to take a cue from dialogue, what “underscore” is and much more!

Music and Theater with Jesse Sanchez - Music School Director Carrie Campbell hosts a talk with Jesse Sanchez. Jesse has music directed many local theater productions in the Bay Area.  Currently he is Music Assistant to Alex Lacamoire for the Hamilton-Angelica Tour, and is also working Stephen Schwartz on the world premiere of Prince of Egypt at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

The Spring semester theme is Music and Technology and will coincide with CSMA’s first ever Electronic Music Festival.

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