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Valentine Project for Preschoolers and Up!

Posted February 9th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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This Valentine’s Day, try out a fun project with your little one to nurture their natural, inner creativity! Interested in more projects? We offer multiple art and music classes for preschoolers. Check out our Spring and Summer Catalogs or register online!

Valentine’s Day Marbled Hearts

Materials you will need:

    •  white paper
    •  tempera paint in any color
    •  glitter
    •  clear poly-carbonate sheet, wax paper, or aluminum foil
    •  pencil
    •  scissors

Step 1: Paint!

Add a pea sized amount of two or three colors and paint directly onto the poly-carbonate sheet. Any sheet of plastic would work, as well as wax paper and aluminum foil. Tape down the wax paper or aluminum foil so that it does not move while painting.

Be sure to use minimum amounts of paint to achieve a marbled look. Leaving bare spots can create interesting texture and contrast, and also cuts down on drying time. Allow your little one to explore with the paint and mix multiple colors.

Step 2: Print!

Carefully place your sheet of white paper on top of the paint, and press firmly on the entire surface. Try not to move the paper as you press.

Peel the paper off carefully and be impressed! You can paint over the same plastic sheet/wax paper/aluminum foil to get interesting textures, no need to wash off the old paint!

Step 3: Add glitter!

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter for added texture.

Step 4: Let dry then cut out into heart shape

Allow the paint to completely dry, and then fold the printed paper in half and draw a half heart shape. Cut out the shape while the paper is still folded.

All done!

Paste heart onto colorful construction paper to turn it into a card!

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