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Get to Know Tatiana Lyskova

Posted February 26th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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CSMA presents ArtWorlds: Russia on Friday, March 2, 5-8pm. This free event will be a sensational evening of art, music, wine and cuisine to celebrate Russia! Artwork by Tatiana Lyskova is currently on display in Mohr Gallery, featuring paintings and prints inspired by Russian fairy tales. Learn more about Tatiana and get an inside look at her process.

Tatiana Lyskova, Visual Artist

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming ArtWorlds event. Is this your first time at CSMA?

Yes, this is my first time.

Give us a little background on yourself. How did you get into art?

My father was an artist and a well-known art teacher. I have been drawing and painting from my childhood. I have studied fine art at the Nikolai Fechin’s Art College of Kazan, Russia. Later I earned a bachelor’s degree at the Print Academy of Moscow, Russia.

How did you get into etching?

I have been studying fine art, illustration and graphic design at the Print Academy of Moscow, Russia. There I have been introduced to different printmaking techniques, such as etching, aquatint and monoprint. CCSF has great teachers and facility at Fort Mason; there I was able to continue printmaking and learned more techniques.

In your work you often use the “a la poupee” etching process. Can you describe the process for us?

A print is printed in color à la poupée when colored ink is applied directly to a plate’s surface and worked into the appropriate area of the design using cotton daubs called dollies, or in French, poupée. With à la poupée printing you can place ink over already inked and wiped areas of your plate. It gives your colors a common hue, which is helpful when printing landscapes or so. But if you want to keep your colors bright you can start from a clean plate inking every part in its own color with dollies, carefully wiping so as not to mix with neighboring colors. If you want to let the inks flow from one color to another, mix the different colors on the plate where they touch. The biggest problem with multiple plate printing is printing in register, that is printing the plates exactly on top of each other. Since you print on damp paper, this will stretch with every run through the press.

What draws you to Russian fairy tales?

I could not say it is specifically Russian, these are just fairy tales; probably my art has some influence of Russian style, but these are my roots. My etchings are not an illustration of any particular fairy tale. Life itself is a fairy tale! I believe that anybody once in a while had such a feeling. It doesn’t matter how old you are; if your inner child is happy you will be able to see and be in a fairy tale.

What are some of your other inspirations?

My work as a whole is influenced by life around me that is unbelievably multifaceted and unpredictable. A gesture or a little detail can turn all existing meaning upside down. My goal is to recognize those gestures that bring up a new vision of what’s around me. Rather than copying the nature, I seek to capture a vision that sees the nature in an alternative way: one full of details that pass unnoticed by many people. Life is beautiful as are people. It is the intention of my work to get people to notice the beautiful details in their lives.

The exhibition will be on display in CSMA’s Mohr Gallery from January 26 through March 11.

ArtWorlds Reception: Friday, March 2, 5-8pm

Gallery Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm
Sat: 8am-9pm
Sun: 10:30am-6:30pm

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