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Summer Camps Session 5 Wrap Up

Posted August 15th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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Every summer, camp instructor Andy Phares brings in a pair of white shoes for the campers to decorate! Our campers are having so much fun experimenting with new materials, stretching their imaginations, and making tons of new friends. Take a look at all the artwork made at the Summer 2018 Session 5 camps!

Our Big Deep Ocean, Gr K-1

Students learned about our deep blue oceans to create puffer-fish, seahorses, miniature islands, prints, and more!

The Book of Me, Gr K-1

Students worked with paint, color pencil, collage, and more to create multiple self portraits!

Circus, Circus, Gr 1-2

Students used a variety of media to create circus animal masks, ringmasters, popcorn and cotton candy art, and more!

Dragon & Fairy Friends, Gr 1-2

Check out these dragons and fairies! Students painted magical forests, inked fierce dragons, and collaborated on intricate butterflies.

Mixed Media Madness, Gr 2-3

Students use a variety of found and recycled materials to create boxy animals, penguin habitats, self portraits, and more!

The Art of Math and Science, Gr 2-3

Students learned about math and science while creating amazing art!


Drawing for Kids, Gr 3-5

Check out these hardworking artists! Students drew sea creatures, self portraits, still lifes, and more!

Artzilla Insect Sculptures, Gr 3-5

Students made giant insect sculptures out of all sorts of materials!

Snail Mail Art, Gr 4-8

Students learned about bookmaking and 2D design!

Graphic Novels, Gr 4-8

Check out these future comic artists! Students designed their own characters and completed their own graphic novel!

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