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Summer Camps Feature - Jewelry Making 101

Posted July 17th, 2017  |  By A4A.admin

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CSMA Summer Camps offer a wide variety of classes taught by professional artists with 2.5 hours of daily instruction (Mon-Fri) and meet in the morning (9:30AM-noon) or the afternoon (1-3:30PM). We sat down to interview Wesley Brando, instructor of Jewelry Making 101 for an inside look at one of our most popular camps.

Wesley Brando, Jewelry Making 101

How long have you been teaching at CSMA?

I’m pretty sure it’s 12 years now.

What do you like about teaching here?

Nice people work here. I also enjoy the diversity of students. Everyone brings such different, wonderful design ideas to the class.

What is your favorite part about teaching summer camps?

The length of time we have to work each day, and the length of the class allows us to learn several different jewelry making techniques.

Describe the project the students are working on today.

One of the projects we made in class are the jewelry boxes. We start with a plain box, and embellish it with discarded junk jewelry and beads to create a mosaic. I encourage each student to start with larger pieces, and outline them in different contrasting colors to make each piece stand out.

What was the inspiration behind this project?

I’ve been creating mosaic boxes for years. This is a project that is fun, relaxing, and teaches the children to recycle their discarded toys and broken jewelry. One’s trash can become another’s treasure!

What do you hope for the students to learn from this project?

I hope the students in my classes will continue to create fun mosaics, using recycled materials at home on their own.

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