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Red Dot Artwork Vol. 2

Posted August 17th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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Artwork by Jose R., Gr. 3

Every year, schools in the Art4Schools program host an end-of-year show celebrating the student artists and their hard work. The very best artwork from these shows are honored with a “red dot” placed on their nametag with a red marker! These artworks are then displayed around the CSMA Finn Center for a year, before being returned to the students. This is a great accomplishment and honor for the students and a real treat for those of us at the office! As the school year comes to a close, we are starting to put up the new Red Dot Artwork from this year’s end-of-year shows! We asked our staff what their favorite pieces are and why.

“All of them! I have no artistic talent whatsoever so I admire all of the artwork I see everyday.”

-Tony Fontenot, Facilities Manager

Artwork by Carissa M. and Sadie K., Gr. 7

“We have a couple of furry visitors in our Student Services office from the Fiesta Garden School. They are very cute little dogs, and one of them even has a name: Lil Chad. We get so many comments about our new friends, and they add such a levity and cheerfulness that I will be very sad to see them leave when it’s time for them to go back home. We’ll enjoy their company in the meantime.”

-Kathryn Sanwick, Registrar

Artwork by Camila C. and Felicity P., Gr. 3

“Some of my favorite pieces of art are the Mendhi hands drawings (on display in the conference room). What I love about these is the simplicity of the black and white line drawings, done in pen. I love the intricate designs the artists created, and the level of thought and detail that they put into their work. That these drawings were done by third graders makes them so much more impressive to me!”

-Sharon Kenney, Marketing Director

Artwork by a student for the 2018 Gala

“It’s not a red dot art piece but I love the large chalk pastel dog drawing in the Sobrato hallway. Every time I walk by it makes me smile and it makes me think of my own dog. It’s my work therapy dog!”

-Petra Clark, Music4Schools Program Manager

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