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What is Your Favorite Red Dot Artwork?

Posted June 13th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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Artwork by Molley T., Gr. 3

Every year, schools in the Art4Schools program host an end-of-year show celebrating the student artists and their hard work. The very best artwork from these shows are honored with a “red dot” placed on their nametag with a red marker! These artworks are then displayed around the CSMA Finn Center for a year, before being returned to the students. This is a great accomplishment and honor for the students and a real treat for those of us at the office! As the school year comes to a close, we are starting to put up the new Red Dot Artwork from this year’s end-of-year shows! We asked our staff what their favorite pieces are and why.

“My favorite piece of Red Dot artwork is a collage that hung above the Sharp printer until a few weeks ago. It shows a yellow dog named Mui wearing a jeweled crown emerging from a doghouse to roast marshmallows over a campfire by moonlight. Through the doghouse door, we see a warm interior light and the corner of a coffee table. The piece strikes a compelling balance between telling a story and shrewdly raising existential questions: Who is Mui? Why is she wearing a crown? How does she hold a stick to roast marshmallows without opposable thumbs? And what use does a dog have for a coffee table? Pondering these enigmas, the viewer is confronted with the intractable paradox of his own humanity.”

-Ivor Holloway, Music4Schools Program Coordinator

Artwork by Emilia R., Gr. 7

“My current favorite is the lightsaber duel next to the conference room, for obvious reasons. I love that little kids are impacted by the Star Wars movies just as much as when I was a little boy. It’s vaguely impressionist, too, and I love the colors, which harken back to The Empire Strikes Back’s lightsaber scene. Having said that, I am continually impressed by the art every year, and find my current favorite changing from time to time over the semesters.”

-Marcos Saenz, Tateuchi Hall Manager and Music Faculty

Artwork by Keira L., Gr. 3

“My favorite piece of art from the Art4Schools program that is up right now at CSMA hangs by music studio 111. It is a portrait of a raccoon with the moon over its shoulder. The raccoons face fills the frame except for a corner of sky and the moon. It is so well drawn that it is hard to believe that it was done by a 3rd grade student. I love the look on the raccoons face, so confidently staring at the viewer.”

-Linda Covello, Art School Director

Artwork by Samhitha B., Gr. 2

“My favorite Red Dot piece is by the Digital Arts Lab. It’s a bright, colorful little city. The sun is shining. The buildings seem to be smiling. It’s a place I would love to visit!”

-Carol Sanders, CFO

Artwork by Eleanor S., Gr. 5

“It’s not (but should be) red dot artwork but this was used on the Springer End-of-Year Art Show invitation and it’s my favorite artwork of the year: I love the skill, detail, whimsy and imagination of this piece by 5th grader Eleanor S. Plus, it’s about dogs.”

-Ina Johnson, Graphic Designer

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