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Learn More About Story Box Workshop

Posted February 7th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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This Spring, CSMA is hosting a variety of one-day art workshops. Get to know the Story Box workshop instructor and local visual artist Marianne Lettieri. Marianne has taught several workshops and classes at CSMA utilizing mixed media. Learn more about her background and get an inside look at the upcoming workshop.

Marianne Lettieri, visual artist

What is a Story Box and what inspired you to create them?

Everyone loves a good story! Factual, imagined, dreamed, or legend, stories inspire all the arts and are the glue connecting people through the ages. In this workshop, we will arrange objects and materials in a box format to suggest narratives, similar to actors on a stage.

What kind of memories or stories could be told in a Story Box?

A story can be one you make up, a memory you’d like to recall, an important news event, or a common tale that everyone knows and loves. Sometimes, a brand new story is created just by combining several found objects. Brought together, these objects start talking to each other! Each viewer may hear something different according to her own history and perspective. How cool is that!

Assemblage by student Marilyn D.

Give us a little background on yourself. How did you get into art?

I grew up on Cape Canaveral, Florida, during the space race between the US and Russia. Our house sat on high ground in a coastal marsh within sight of missile gantries. I spent many days exploring estuaries and stands of palmetto palms with a sketch pad and #2 pencil in hand. Observing egrets flying across a rocket’s exhaust trail, created in me a lasting appreciation for images that are both familiar and strange. I never stopped making art.

What do you hope to bring the students at CSMA and how do you describe your teaching style?

I have a passion for encouraging and equipping artists to reach their creative potential. I strive to make my classes rigorous, fun, and rewarding for everyone.

What can students expect from this workshop?

Everyone will make two story boxes during the class. The first one must be created using only the materials that are inside a sealed bag. For the second, I’m bringing an assortment of boxes from which to choose and a whole lot of random stuff that students may combine with items they bring from home. I’ll also provide tools and instruction on joining techniques so people will know how to make story boxes on their own.

Assemblage by student Chris Z.

It seems you use a lot of reclaimed materials in your work. What made you start working with these materials and where do you find or gather them?

I want my work to elicit reflection and conversation around how people move through the world and mark time. As physicality becomes increasingly irrelevant to human activities in the digital age, artifacts once central to daily rituals and work routines become imbued with a sense of humanity that forms bridges to imagination. I present these castoff materials in new configurations, reinforcing the interconnectedness of people and communities through time and the shared human desire to remember. I find my materials at flea markets, antique shops, Ebay, and estate sales. A lot of objects are given to me by friends and even strangers who gain some satisfaction in letting go of things they don’t need or want, but can not bear to throw away. They have hope that an artist will transform them into something special.

Interested in the workshop? Register here!

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