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How to Make a Patterned Pumpkin

Posted October 24th, 2018  |  By A4A.sharon

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Here’s another fun Halloween-themed project to try at home! This is a great option for elementary school students to get creative.

Patterned Pumpkin Tutorial

Materials you will need:

-White cardstock or thick white paper
-Black marker
-White crayon or oil pastel
-Warm color crayons (optional)
-Orange watercolor paint

Step 1: Draw a big oval.

Using a black marker, make a large oval on your white cardstock / paper. This shape will be used as the outline of your pumpkin.

Step 2: Make vertical lines.

Using your black marker, make vertical lines to show the pumpkin ridges.

Step 3: Add creative details.

Using your black marker, have fun adding the details! Draw lines, patterns and shapes inside the sections created in step 2. Get as creative and imaginative as you can! 

Step 4: Add a stem and a leaf or two.

Using your black marker, draw a stem for your pumpkin, and a leaf or two if you’d like.

Step 5: Trace with white crayon or oil pastel.

Trace around the edges of your pumpkin with white crayon or oil pastel. (This step will make more sense when you get to the final step.) If you’d like, you can also draw designs outside your pumpkin with warm color crayons (red, yellow, brown, etc.).

Step 6: Paint a wash of orange watercolor outside the pumpkin.

Using your orange watercolor and a paintbrush, paint a wash of orange outside the pumpkin. The white crayon/oil pastel will keep the paint wash from running onto the pumpkin, and let the orange color frame your pumpkin art.

Experiment with different shapes and patterns and hang around your house for festive Halloween decorations!

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