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Get to Know Zoya Scholis

Posted September 25th, 2017  |  By A4A.admin

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New for Fall, CSMA is hosting a variety of one-day art workshops. Get to know one of our Fall workshop instructors, Zoya Scholis. This is Zoya’s first time teaching at CSMA, but she has been teaching around the Bay Area for over a decade. Zoya will be teaching two workshops this Fall, Large Scale Color Field Painting: Rothko Style on October 1st and Tape & Spray Watercolor on October 29th. Learn more about Zoya and get an inside look at her upcoming workshops.

Zoya Scholis, Local Artist and Art Workshop Instructor

What do you hope to bring to the students at CSMA and how can you describe your teaching style?

I hope to bring my expertise and supportive presence. By that I mean successfully gauging what is and isn’t needed in terms of demonstration, explanation, and guidance. Often it’s just a matter of continuing to say “yes!” as people explore the possibilities. I think this video would give people a good idea of my teaching style.

Give us a little background on the Large Scale Field Painting: Rothko Style workshop. Why did you choose Rothko as an inspiration?

Rothko’s work has a simplicity in its minimalism that people are drawn to. It’s all about tool selection and entering the colors.

What can the students expect from the Rothko workshop?

We’ll learn more about Mark Rothko and the tools (rollers, rags, large brushes and inks) and techniques for making colorfield paintings similar to his. I’ll start the class with an introduction to his work and style, then jump right in to setting up our canvas and working with brushes and rollers. There will also be a demo on adding stains and glazes and we will all share our work at the end of the class.

Give us a little background on the Tape & Spray watercolor workshop. How did you find or develop this technique?

About 10 years ago I was asked to teach a watercolor class. I had not used watercolors in 15 years, so I hesitated. After a summer of fooling around I came up with the tape and spay technique. I realized that it was a great way to introduce beginners to watercolor because using the tape to compose the picture made the whole process much more forgiving than watercolor normally is. Spraying color allows us to make the most of transparency, a hallmark of watercolor.

You published a book on the Tape & Spray watercolor technique. What can students expect from your workshop that they might not get through just reading the book?

Workshops are a community experience. We work with the synergy of the group and provide guidance in small doses. We always learn from each other. Working on ones’ own is a very different experience.

Find more information about Zoya from her website and register for her workshops here. For information on the rest of our art workshops, click here.

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